Micro Economy

Micro Economy

The micro economy project

The students’ thoughts on the project

Ratan: The micro economy project was very interesting and a new experience. The seniors along with the help of a few other students and teachers made the products (eatables) and sold them. We got to interact with new people and we named our stall “The Unicorn Shack” and went twice to the Y.W.C.A. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.

Akilan – I did some of the art work like the visiting cards and the “The Unicorn Shack” banner which made me feel happy to be a part of the micro economy project.

Ashwini – I had a nice experience and learnt various new marketing strategies which helped me approach the customer, which I think would also be useful for me later in life. I spend my day usefully.

Ammar – The micro economy project taught me something new. I interacted more with the teachers and the students and learnt how to co-ordinate with people.

Jayaprakash – I helped in the project by making truffles and waffles and loved eating them too. I had a nice time.

Vasisht – I learnt how to talk to customers and sell the products to them. I learnt many new recipes.

Rudraksh – The first time was not as much a success as the second time as we sold more.

Vishnu – I learnt to analyze and co-operate during the project. I loved our sales approach. Our salesmen went around selling the products directly to the potential customers instead of waiting for them to come to our stall.

Kadhir – I learnt the difference methods of selling products.

Rudra – It was fun to go and interact with the local people of Ooty.

Senthil Sir – It was very good opportunity for the students to find themselves.

Tvisha – I felt great that the project had involved everyone and went on to be a success.

David – Very enterprising & challenging event for the students as well as staff.

Aarti Ma’am – Exhausting, at the same time exhilarating!!!