Who we are

Education to be a positive experience needs to be
tailored to the needs of each child

The Blue Mountains School located in its own spacious buildings on a 4 acre campus on the southern slopes facing Ooty Valley.

The School is a residential and co-educational institution established under the F.G. Pearce Educational and Charitable Trust, founded in 1961 by the late F.G. Pearce, the well-known educationist and a pioneer of the Indian Public school Movement, in association with a small group of people who has worked many years in the field of Education.

However, as the School endeavours to base its life and learning on a process of self-discovery, certain features of the school and its over-all ethos distinguish it radically from other residential and Public Schools.

The school has many facilities and a broad based curriculum for a sound and all-round education.Some of these features are small numbers about 100; an individual approach to academic learning and progress; vertically grouped classes; no reward and punishment system used as an educational device; living in co-operation rather than in competition; participation in community life and intelligent, informal and personal relationship between teacher and taught and an emphasis on a correct relationship with one’s physical and social environment.

To know more about the founder please explore the history page.