The Blue Mountains School Notice Board

  • I liked wearing the chef’s hat!

    There was a huge vibe of energy from all of us as we jumped out of the car near the spell-binding water fountain at the entrance of The Gem Park Hotel, Ooty. Read more

  • My Dorm

    I have stayed for four terms in the Blue Dorm; this is my 5th term here. There are 4 dorms; Yellow Dorm, Green Dorm, Red Dorm and Blue Dorm. I have lots of friends in the dorm. The seniors take care of us sometimes and often play with us. Read more

  • 125th Birth Anniversary Celebration Program Schedule

    125th Birth Anniversary Celebration Program Schedule Read more

  • Reflections on the 125th Birth Anniversary of the Founder

    This year being the Founder’s 125th Birth Anniversary (1892-2017), it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the lofty ideals and principles that went into the formation of the Blue Mountain School, and still continue, as the core guiding principles, both philosophical and pedagogical. Read more

  • Blueprint for a life

    Mukund Padmanabhan looks back fondly at his days in the small and unusual Blue Mountain School, Ooty. Read more