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The students are not tested or interviewed for
admission. Their earlier work is reviewed and discussed with the students and parents to see which class, level and how they could be accommodated in the school.

It is also ascertained whether the school is in a position to support the child’s specific academic, social and developmental needs.

Please go through the points in the box below for more information relevant to the admission process.

  • Admission is taken throughout the year.
  • Children of between eight and twelve above can seek admission.
  • Students coming from other streams of education are eligible for admission.
  • Admissions to the high school is restricted to few numbers since they have to be able to cope with the level of academic work expected; they need to be self motivated, focused, responsible and socially well-adjusted to live in a residential school.
  • The box below states what age the child is normally given admission for the different levels of the school.

Age for admission

  • The first step (Day school)
    • Pre-school 1,2,3 and grade 1
    • Age: 3 – 6 yrs
  • The elementary school
    • Grades 2 – 6
    • Age: 6 – 12 yrs
  • The middle school
    • Grades 7 – 9
    • Age: 12 – 14 yrs
  • The high school
    • Grades 10 – 12
    • Age: 15 – 17 yrs