Council Meeting

Student council

Student council meeting

April 2012

Issues addresed by the student council meeting held on 31st August 2012

1. Internet Timings
It was agreed that internet time would be between 6 and 7 pm. The schedule for which is to be put up on Monday.

2. Tuck
It was decided that those who do not go with their parents for the Last Weekend, can buy tuck.

3. Heaters
It was agreed that the Boy’s dorm and classrooms (near the badminton court) will be provided with heaters. The reason for this is that the rooms get very cold when it rains.

4. Laundry
On the issue of using the washing machine and drier, It was decided students may do so under supervison when required. (ie; rainy season, delicate clothes)

5. Table lamps and emergency lamps
It was decided that Senior boys’ and Senior girls’ dorm will be provided with table lamps and emergency lamps for students who wish to study after “light out”, mainly during the board exam.