Excursion to Vizag


The city of destiny

Senior excursion to Vishakapatnam

Our vizag journey began on the 22nd of September. The 29 of us were accompanied by 5 teachers, Sophia ma’am, Aruna ma’am, Jayaraman sir, Nihad sir and his wife Ashitha ma’am. First, we were to travel by bus for over ten hours to get to Bangalore and then proceed by train to Vizag.

Even though we all knew we had a long tedious journey ahead, we were bursting at the seams with excitement.

During the journey by bus, most of us slept so it went by like a blur. As soon as we got off the bus, the hustle and bustle at the train station took over and we were rushed through the crowds by the teachers. When the train arrived, everyone scurried into the train and frantically looked for their assigned berths.

When we finally settled down, a few played cards and scrabble and the rest of us slept. We reached Vizag at around 10:30 in the night. We were fortunate enough to have been allowed to stay in the Classic service apartments.

The rooms were, to our wonderment, delightful. We had our own mini fridge, T.V, shower and many other exciting things.

On our first day, we visited The Kailashgiri hill, where we went up the hill in cable cars. Most of us enjoyed this. The scenery that we saw from the cars was picturesque.

We also visited the Borra caves, the submarine, Sophia ma’am’s sister’s house, toy
factory and the beaches. Almost all of us enjoyed the beaches, even the ones who didn’t get in the water entertained themselves by watching the waves.

We also visited the zoo, where we saw different types of animals and birds.

Our visit to the submarine was also an exciting experience, where we saw the machines, the living spaces, torpedoes used to attack enemies during war etc.

Finally, on our last day there, we visited Amukta ma’am’s sister’s place, where we had lunch. We also visited the Sainik school, which is housed in the old Vizianagaram palace. We saw the dorms, the gym and a few classrooms. We even saw some of the students running to their classrooms, not because they were late, but because they simply had to.

Over the entire trip to Vizag was thoroughly fun filled and packed with exciting new adventures.