The Trust

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The Frederick Gordon Pearce Educational and Charitable Trust was founded in 1961 by late F.G.Pearce.

On May 23, 1977 it was registered as a public educational and charitable Trust with the object to run, administer and develop the Blue Mountains School as envisaged and formulated by its Founder.

A ten member Board of Trustees includes the family members and other eminent public persons, with Mr. Vikram Pearce as the Chairman.

Trust member Designation
Mr Mukund Padmanaban Chairperson
Mr Kannan Munukur Director
Mrs Aruna Malik Member
Mr Pratap Malik Member
Mrs Jyoti Pratap Member
Mr BJ Krishnan Member
Mr Ananth Member
Mr Chockalingam Member
Mr Junaid Sait Member
Mr Chaitanya Krishnan Member