Support Us

By supporting one – be it a child, a teacher or a school, you support many others

Why support us

The qualitative growth of the School is an established fact. But the sustenance and deepening of this growth is today threatened by stultification at the fiscal level. With its avowed policy of retaining small student numbers and its desire to keep school fees comparatively low, the School is compelled to turn to other sources to build a Corpus fund that will –

  • – Buffer the devastating impacts of inflationary onslaughts
  • – Provide enough funds for a quantitative growth as well.

The Blue Mountains School receives no grant-in-aid from the government or any other source. Salaries and other relevant/need-based expenses are met through the fee.

How you can help

You could consider supporting/building the Corpus fund through a philanthropic contribution.

You could also choose to make a contribution that would support/upgrade a particular activity or department or for the maintenance/restoration of the estate and its heritage buildings, dorms and staff quarters.

We would be happy to receive educational kits (from all over the world) dealing with various subjects and any books that you may not want at home could find a place in the school library.

    We thank our sponsors:

  1. Yusuf Khan (Alumni) – For Math material from Prayatna and reading material from the Ladybird
  2. Dr Vidjit Vijayakumar, Venkatesh, Rajesh Maharaj (Alumni) – For the projector
  3. Srinivas Nemani (parent) – Books by Roald Dhal, Richard Bach, Philip Pullman
  4. Yeshpal Levin – (Alumni) Books on Cricket
  5. Subscription of magazines -Traveller & National geography by Srinivas Nemani, Thinkling by Aruna Malik