From the Principal:

Welcome to The Blue Mountain School! A place where students are nurtured to blossom into well-grounded individuals.

I feel blessed to serve as the principal of BMS. The school was started in 1961, for creating leaders in their own making, by a visionary educationist, FG Pearce and his able wife Annusuya Pearce.

The school motto, ‘Dare to be Free’, signifies, to have the courage to challenge one’s conditioning. We endeavor to create independent thinkers, who are able to understand themselves and are confident to be different. We remind ourselves of the value of play, as an integral part of their education. We believe it creates essential learning experiences, which in turn nurture and enable them to grow to their full potential. We advocate, ‘no comparison’ and ‘no competition’ among children. Each child is unique.

We believe, ‘Only through freedom and environmental practices is it possible for human development to occur’. But, ‘Freedom comes with responsibility’, is instilled in them from the start. We allow children to be children, and we acknowledge their world. The ‘living and learning’, in the school, encourages and teaches the children, how to think. They are taught to feel and live in harmony with the earth. Compassion for all fellow creatures of our earth is given due reverence.

We are of the belief that following any one system, to deliver the curriculum is limiting, and hence follow the practices that suit the natural learning style of the child.

The staff and I are conscious to keep in mind the philosophy of the school, and use it as a compass, to guide us in our thought and action.

We have a constant flow of alumni visiting us, to share their fond memories and relive them in their favourite haunts, nooks and corners of their BMS. Their conviction of how life here made them strong from within, and how this helped them face the challenges that life had for them, are reiterated through their stories and anecdotes.

THREE CHEERS for all the members of The BMS Family!!!
May you leave your footprints in the sands of time…

Good Luck and God Bless

Sophia Varkey,


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